We want Brenda!

Popular Councillor wants to serve a second term: "There's just so much to do!"

The phone never stops ringing," Brenda Johnson says with a laugh. "Even on the slow days, it's busy!" But, as busy as she is, it's obvious she loves every minute of it. "Well, not EVERY minute," Brenda jokes, "some of those meetings at City Hall go on way too long."

Good news: Brenda Johnson, Ward 11's feisty, funny and hard working Councillor anounced last week that she's running for a second term.

Thank goodness! In a Ward that's seen more change in the past four years than in the past four terms, it's critical that Johnson continues serving the communities of Glanbrook, Rural Upper Stoney Creek and Winona.

Using her fingers to keep track of the issues that matter most to residents, Johnson begins counting her top priorities. One: "Working with staff, I've located the money and a location for the skateboard park in Binbrook and now the real work begins." Two: A long-awaited Community Centre in Winona is another step closer to finally being realized. Three: We're pushing for a splash pad in Mount Hope," Johnson continues without missing a beat. "It's in the budget process, and we will get it this summer or next." Four: Rymal Road will soon be widened to five lanes in order to meet the demand. "I've got files on this one that are as wide as one of the actual lanes," she says stretching her arms out as far as they'll go.

Priority Number Five is the Hardest

But that's only four. What about number five? Number five is the hardest; it's EVERYTHING ELSE!!! Things like...resolving Binbrook's transit issue, SCUBE, and recreation in Mount Hope. And issues which are of concern to people throughout the Ward: traffic, safer neighbourhoods, flood relief, more police presence, and keeping a lid on taxes. Add to that the new Costco/Walmart development on Fifty Road and seniors' issues... you name it, it's a priority of mine," Johnson says with steadfast determination. I've really got to go," Johnson says, excusing herself when the phone rings, my residents need my help!" In actual fact, she wants your help and would love if you were to lend a hand and join her winning